Tunnel Ovens


As one of the premier manufacturers of tunnel ovens throughout the world, we have supplied thousands of ovens total and have a presence in over 100 countries and counting. Our tunnel ovens range in working widths from 600mm to 1800mm and can be configured for virtually any type of product. Our experience in tunnel oven technology spans many decades which allows us to design and commission the optimum baking solution for our clients. We offer heating systems that include cyclothermic (radiant), convection (indirect or impingement), direct gas-fired, electric, and hybrid methods.

Our cyclothermic or radiant heat tunnel oven is the most common oven type in the world. The heating system is indirect and provides heat to the products by circulating combustion gasses through tube bundles located above and below the baking surface. This type of oven is suitable for baking virtually any kind of breads, biscuits, cookies, and sponge dough as well. Temperature adjustment across the width of the baking surface is adjustable to fine-tune the color and development of the products.

Convection tunnel ovens are also very common and offer another form of indirect heat. This type of heating solution utilizes a combustion gas to air heat exchanger to circulate heated air throughout the baking chamber. This type of oven is most suitable for baking all kinds of biscuits and cookies and is especially effective during the last baking stage due to its effect on final moisture content.

Direct gas fired tunnel ovens are known for their extremely high calorific power and can reach temperatures in excess of 350C. This type of oven is especially suited for baking cracker and special products with very low moisture content.

As a direct result of our decades of experience with tunnel oven manufacturing and technology, the hybrid tunnel ovens are now becoming much more common and offer the best possible performance. The hybrid tunnel oven combines multiple heating methods (cyclothermic-convection, DGF-convection, DGF-cyclothermic are the most common) in order to provide the best characteristics of each oven type for optimal baking profiles of the products to be baked.




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