Modular Electric Deck Ovens


Designed to meet the needs of bakeries, confectioners, pizzerias, and hot food vendors, the Stratos modular electric oven can be operated as soon as it has been delivered. The compact size, high density insulation, and high-tech characteristics of this versatile oven lead to significant operating cost savings and allow the operator to diversify production. The configuration of the oven can be expanded after purchase to include one to five completely independent, modular baking chambers. The chambers are available at a standard height of 7 inches with the option to increase to more than 12 inches for tall baked goods such as panettone and pandoro. Electric ovens are usually equipped with very few heating elements that are spaced far from each other. In order to provide the necessary heat, they must reach very high temperatures that cause aggressive and uneven baking, as well as premature wear of the elements. In comparison, the Stratos contains a large number of elements armored in an exclusive steel alloy and spaced very close to each other. Thus, the heating is evenly distributed to provide a gentle and even heat that is available at a moment’s notice. By adopting this innovative design, the elements are virtually indestructible due to the low specific power and lower operating temperatures.

As an expansion to the Stratos line, Polin developed the Old-Style versions in order to bridge the gap between rustic styling and modern technology. The Old-Style ovens feature the exact same baking technology as the standard Stratos versions, but add a black electroplated stainless steel fascia that is highlighted by brass hardware for a truly exceptional appearance. The Old-Style ovens are only available in three-deck configurations.

The Stratos and Stratos Old-Style are also now fully UL approved for electrical safety as well as carrying NSF approval for sanitation. This allows for unhindered use in even the strictest of municipalities.


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