Industrial Spiral Mixers


Developed in order to provide reliable mixing solutions for multi-shift or even 24hr operations, the Mixer line of industrial spiral mixers is a market leading offering. These designs are further evolutions of our experience in spiral mixing and the result is extremely heavy-duty mixing solutions for a variety of product types and hydration levels. With the class-leading motor power offered in these machines, we rate every machine to be able to process doughs down to as low as 45% in order to provide solutions for clients with even the toughest of dough formulas.

The Pro-E single tool, removable bowl spiral mixer line is our lowest cost industrial offering and has become a staple when it comes to producing top-quality doughs. Through calculated tool/bowl speed analysis and optimization, we have developed a mixer that allows for the best possible dough development while maintaining extremely low dough temperatures when compared to other spiral mixers on the market. The installed motor power is significantly higher than any other competitor which equates to decades of useful service life with maximum uptime.

The Avant Force dual tool, removable bowl spiral mixer line has also evolved alongside the proven Pro-E industrial spiral mixer. Benefiting from the same tool/bowl speed analysis and optimization we have taken a step further by adding a second spiral tool which, in addition to all the benefits realized with the Pro-E, cuts mixing times down drastically. Even though the mixing times are much shorter when compared with single tool spirals, the careful engineering put into the Avant Force still allows for the same, high quality doughs. The drastic reduction in mixing times allow for an exponential increase in hourly dough output versus single tool machines. This allows clients to maximize their production capacity while limiting the amount of floor space used in the production.

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Techical deatils
  • Dough Capacities Available: 200-500 kg
  • Bowl Volumes Available: 320-700 liters
  • Minimum Hydration (water/flour): 45%



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