Electric Deck Ovens


Our Elettrodrago Avant electric deck oven line fulfills a need that was previously unattainable. In the past, combining the flexibility of individually temperature controlled electric decks with power efficiency and low cost of operation was not possible. Over the years Polin spent countless resources to provide a solution to this problem and developed the Elettrodrago Avant line of ovens. These ovens offer the best of both worlds in the fact that they remain the most flexible deck ovens while being the lowest cost of ownership when compared to competitors’ outdated technology.

The innovative technology of Elettrodrago Avant outperforms normal electric ovens armored elements and offers perfect baking characteristics with products of small, medium, and even large size. The oven is equipped with a proprietary heating system that includes ceramic-insulated electric heating elements versus the typical armored elements found in our competitors’ ovens. The main advantage to our ceramic elements is the exponentialy larger heating surface area which effectively eliminates any possibility of uneven baking. This technology allows for extremely flat temperature profiles and low thermal inertia. The added benefit is the reduced operating costs due to the much improved thermal efficiency granted by our elements. The proprietary computer system also monitors and regulates heat loss at the front of the oven as well as differential heat from front to back of the baking surface and will automatically adjust power to individual elements to compensate if need be.

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