Silo Systems


For indoor use, our most popular solution is the patented Trevira fabric silos as they are watertight and suitable for the storage of food powder products. The top portion of the silo sack acts as a filter, and the modular supporting structure is composed of galvanized or stainless steel which allows for quick assembly and disassembly or relocation. All silos are custom-made to best fit into the space available at the customer’s premises, and are assembled on site. This allows us to maximize the vertical use of space within the facility and limit the square footage used for ingredient storage. The fabric silos provide a natural oxygenation of the stored ingredient instead of relying on forced aeration via mechanical means. This effectively reduces electrical costs to operate over indoor stainless steel counterparts. Generally, our fabric silos offer a much more economical alternative to stainless steel silos in terms of overall cost of the system, ongoing maintenance, as well as installation cost. In addition, fabric silos are anti-microbial for the highest levels of bacteria resistance unlike their stainless steel counterparts. Return on investment is usually much shorter with fabric silos. All of our systems are fully grounded and designed in accordance with ATEX safety standards along with other advanced safety systems.

The other option for indoor installation is our stainless steel silos with fluidized bed. This solution is ideal for indoor environments with low headroom as they are fully manufactured in stainless steel with a 12°-15° sloped bottom (depending on the model), to obtain maximum capacity in as little space as possible. The silo bottom is fluidized with air to ensure the complete evacuation of the stored flour in addition to proper aeration. The top portion is made of a filtering fabric that vents the air used for loading as well as the fluidizing air to ensure dust particles are not introduced into the facility. At the top of one side there is a pipe for silo loading in addition to a Plexiglass inspection window to check the ingredient level as well as to allow for cleaning operations to be carried out twice a year. Stainless steel silos are best suited for applications where maximum storage weight is desired with low ceiling clearance.

Our outdoor silos in stainless steel are available for food powders, with vibrating cone or fluidized bed for the complete extraction of product. Locked door and inspection hatch are included. They are also available with multiple extractions and can be customized to fit specific needs. These silos all feature seamless interior construction as well as proprietary design to minimize heat transfer to the product being stored.

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Technical details
  • Maintains the FIFO principle
  • Proper oxygenation of stored ingredient
  • Anti-microbial materials
  • Special emptying methods for sugar, starch, bran, etc…
  • Also available for couscous, short pasta, etc…
  • Weighing system with load cells



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