Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers


The ASE line incorporates all of the proven technology and reliability found in our ASM line and takes it a step further by bridging the gap to our industrial models. Bakeries of all sizes can now take advantage of the benefits of a removable bowl; such as safe transfer of large quantities of dough, proper resting times, and process management. These machines are usually used in conjunction with one of our bowl lift systems in order to provide a fully automatic solution from mixing to dough transfer into downstream equipment.

The fact that the ASE line offers a removable mixing bowl allows for operators to pre-stage additional bowls with ingredients while the previous dough is still mixing. This provides the ability to process more batches of dough per hour than any fixed bowl machine of the same capacity. As such, this equates to a significant increase in hourly dough output versus fixed bowl machines. This allows clients to maximize their production capacity while limiting the amount of floor space used in the production.

Just like the rest of the ASM line, the ASE models also have a two-speed bowl and tool with two timers along with a comprehensive options list in order to custom tailor each machine to the client’s exact needs.


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