Chocolate Manufacturing Equipment

We offer chocolate tempering machines & an array of other quality chocolate equipment.

We provide Chocolate Manufacturing Equipment and chocolate tempering machines and a wide range of other machines designed for processing chocolate, chocolate compound, and confectionery products for large-scale, medium-scale, and small confectionery producers. We collaborate with internationally renowned Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs, who have become accustomed to the quality and performance of our line of machines through their everyday use. We bring long-standing experience and a deep knowledge of the chocolate processes as an added value to our clients. We continually strive for further technological advancement through the selection of high-quality materials and progressive design principles.

Enrobing Machines
Tempering Machines
Moulding & Depositing Lines
Spreads & Industrial Chocolate Lines
Bean to Bar Equipment
Mould Spinning Machine
Melting Tanks
Heating Tunnels
Dosing Machine
Cooling Tunnels