Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers


The Start range is the entry level fixed bowl spiral mixer in the Mixer line of machines. It is ideal for bakeries that require a compact mixer to process doughs with average to high hydration (60% and up). As such, the Start range is the most competitively priced mixer range on the market that incorporates all of its desirable features. The standard Start line has one two-speed motor that drives both the bowl and the spiral mixing tool while the Start Plus line has two independent motors (single speed for bowl, and two speed for spiral tool). As such, the Start Plus mixer adds the capability for bowl jogging while the standard Start model doe snot have this capability.

The ASM line is the most popular mixer that we offer with hundreds, if not thousands sold to date. These mixers provide only the highest mixing quality that is currently possible and we take pride in its ability to deliver time and time again. The ASM fixed bowl mixer range is supplied standard with a two-speed bowl and mixing tool. In addition, the mixer is equipped with two timers (one for each speed) and automatically transitions into high speed. To further add to its capabilities, the ASM line also has the ability to reverse bowl rotation for refined processing of even small quantities of dough. Compared to competitor offerings, the ASM line offers significantly higher power motors and larger gearboxes for decades of trouble-free operation.


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Starting At $106.00/month

Techical deatils
  • Dough Capacities Available: 35-250 kg
  • Bowl Volumes Available: 50-380 liters
  • Minimum Hydration (water/flour): 50%



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