The OSR-275 One-Shot dosing machine allows operators to easily and quickly produce delicious chocolate pralines and filled chocolate products in a single operation. Thanks to the exclusive One Shot technology, the dosing quantity of chocolate for the shell and the dosing quantity of chocolate, cream, caramel or any other suitable filling for the filling are simultaneous. This allows for a significant cost and labor savings. Moreover, a touch-screen interface and state-of-the-art software allow for intuitive operation and ease of use. The computer is equipped with storable recipe menus in order to choose the desired product to produce. The machine is fully manufactured in very high quality and durable materials such as anodized aluminum and stainless steel.  Every component of the machine is easily removable in order to be washed quickly in a dishwasher or sink in order to minimize the time required for the change of production.

Technical Features

Bowl Capacity: 6 kg each hopper

Hourly Output: 60-70 kg/h

Dimensions: 1170 x 740 x 1360 H mm



Accessories Available

Heated Mould Loading Conveyor

Dosing Plate for Chocolate Bars

Dosing Plate for Moulds

Vibrating Conveyor

Manual Vibrating Unit