Removable Bowl Diving Arm Mixers


Our line of IBT-E removable bowl diving arm mixers expand upon the successful IBT models by adding the capability to remove the bowl from the machine for easy transport to downstream processes. They still incorporate the gentle method of mixing in the standard line while increasing production flexibility. Diving arm or twin arm mixers are often better suited for higher hydration doughs or doughs with lower protein flours. They are gaining popularity in the U.S. as more and more bakers move toward extremely high-quality, high-hydration formulas. This type of commercial dough mixer is the most gentle form of mechanical dough mixing available and heat input is almost nonexistent. These machines develop the dough very slowly as the motion of the mixing tools closely mimics the process of kneading by hand. The lack of intense friction also allows bakers to mix longer for maximum gluten development without worrying about overmixing.

The IBT-E line of mixers are configured with a painted steel exterior that is mounted on four adjustable feet for easy cleaning. The bowl, mixing arms, and safety guards are made of stainless steel. They are configured with two-speed motors for mixing arms and bowl with drive transmission via pulleys and V-belts with oil bath reduction gear. The control panel on the side of the machine includes two timers (independent timer for low and high speed with automatic shift from 1st to 2nd speed).


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Technical details
  • Dough Capacities Available: 130-150 kg
  • Bowl Volumes Available: 200-230 liters
  • Minimum Hydration (water/flour): 55%



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