Fixed Bowl Fork Mixers


Our full line of fork mixers are now gaining in popularity in North America for traditional breads, pizza dough, and some pastry doughs as they are an extremely gentle form of dough mixing. The unique mixing tools create a folding action to develop the mix. The fork is angled into the bowl and the bowl curves upwards in the center to create enough surface area for a proper dough mixing operation. The bowl is not driven mechanically, but rotates freely through the folding action of the mixing tool and the dough. Being that this form of mixing is so gentle, doughs are mixed for much longer than in spiral mixers without worrying about overmixing. This allows for maximum dough development and quality.

The AO fixed bowl line is supplied as standard with a stainless steel fork mixing tool (most other manufacturers use weaker aluminum that are prone to breaking), painted stainless steel frame mounted on adjustable feet for easy cleaning, stainless steel bowl, two-speed fork motor, and a mechanical brake for stopping the bowl. The machiens also include two mechanical timers for automatic switching from low to high speed.



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Techical deatils
  • Available Dough Capacities: 80-240 kg
  • Bowl Volumes Available: 170-440 liters
  • Minimum Hydration (water/flour): 55%
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