Forefront of industrial technology!

Polin Industrial designs, manufactures, installs, and provides technical expertise for today’s modern industrial production plants of a wide range of sizes. These industrial systems allow the maximum reduction in labor costs and increases in product margins through automating otherwise costly manual processes. These machines are designed to be integrated onto existing tunnel oven lines or supplied onto new lines complete with one of our tunnel ovens. We offer machines as dedicated wire-cutters or combined depositor and wire-cutters with single or double heads for two color dough, and also the possibility of fitting a third head for filling or a shutter system to encase the two-color filled products.

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We also offer a wide range of fully-automatic industrial solutions that are customized to your exact needs. These are complete turn-key systems that include different types of depositors or moulding machines, tunnel ovens, cooling conveyors, make-up equipment, and packaging systems that are tailored to meet your production requirements.