World-class performance combined with versatility and reliability!

As the innovator of the cookie production machine market, Polin has continually evolved our line of production machines in order to incorporate the latest technology and finest materials currently available. In addition, as the pioneers of this industry segment, our clients receive the benefit of our unsurpassed knowledge of formulation, production flow, training, and service/support. Whether your products require one of our industry leading Multidrop depositors, heavy-duty and high production rotary moulders, or require one of our most advanced industrial offerings, we have a solution for your needs that will last decades.

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We also offer a wide range of fully-automatic industrial solutions that are customized to your exact needs. These are complete turn-key systems that include different types of depositors or moulding machines, tunnel ovens, cooling conveyors, make-up equipment, and packaging systems that are tailored to meet your production requirements.