This machine allows for dough to be portioned accurately and quickly without damaging the dough. Weight adjustment can be made manually (via hand wheel) or via PLC controlled touch screen. The machine is constructed in stainless steel and includes a Teflon lined hopper to ensure dough does not stick. Most volumetric dividers consume lots of oil and the oil level in the tank must be controlled regularly. If ignored, serious mechanical problems can occur and most of the damages are not repairable. Our machine includes a new oiling system design which focuses the oil onto the surface of cylinder and also around of pistons. Most divider machines consume around 15 lt of oil per week with a moderate production schedule while our system reduces the consumption to about 2.5 lt per week. This, of course, allows for reduced production costs.

Technical Features

Voltage: 220V/60Hz/3Phase

Weight range: 50-1000

Production rate: 2400-4800 pcs/hr