Steam Tube Deck Ovens


The Polin line of steam tube deck ovens is the synthesis of tradition and innovation in the field of steam ovens. Radiant heat from steam tube ovens is all about creating a gentle baking profile which is obtained through refractory mass and temperature stability. Compared to other ovens in the same category, the Polin TV Synt line offers the most thermal mass, most accurate temperature control, and most flexibility when compared to other steam tube ovens.

The refractory brick-lined firebox guarantees perfectly even heating of the ring-shaped tubes that surround each baking chamber. This, coupled with extra thick baking surfaces, helps operators worry less about baking performance even with the largest of cold fermented breads. In addition, the oversized and fully stainless steel steam generators allow for best-in-class steam quantities. These advanced design criteria ensure the best possible temperature recovery even when baking at high temperature.

The full model line covers options from single window, compact steam tube ovens up to seven-deck industrial deck ovens with fully automatic loading systems. We also have a hybrid model that is configured with three traditional steam tube decks, along with one electric deck to add flexibility. All of these factors and advanced design elements create the possibility to produce a wide range of products that include pastries and breads of all sizes and origins.

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Technical details
  • Water Inlet: ⌀ = 1/2″
  • Water Drain: ⌀ = 1″
  • Flue Exhaust: ⌀ = 200mm
  • Steam Exhaust: ⌀ = 150-250mm


Improvements in savings and ROI are not only results of low-consumption, but perhaps more important is the service life and maintenance time of the oven. For steam tube ovens specifically, the point of final failure is almost always the tubes. Over time, pressure and heat will deteriorate tubes that are manufactured with sub-par materials and/or manufacturing processes. For our ovens, Polin only uses the highest quality materials and optimizes the routes and bends of the tubes in order to achieve the minimum possible thermal stress. In addition, most manufacturers pressure test the tubes as a part of a sample size rather than every tube individually to save production costs. At Polin, we pressure test every tube at least five separate times to effectively eliminate the possibility of tube failure. The tubes are tested at pressures exceeding 10,300 psi when standard operating pressure is only around 1,250 psi. This is the only way to truly guarantee a service life that exceeds any of our competitors.


Another important aspect to consider is serviceability of the critical oven components. Being that utility water always creates a tough environment for various materials and metals, this is compounded by adding the element of heat to the equation. In the ovens, the steam generators especially take the brunt of this. We designed the ovens so that the generators are easily accessible and removable from the front.


The Polin TV Synt line of ovens is also available with the Polin BakeApp LAN or WLAN remote control. This allows the client to monitor and manage one or more ovens connected by a network (either same location or multiple locations) through an internet connection. They can be accessed through any browser running IOS, Windows or Android whether on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. This allows you to upload/download baking programs, change settings, real-time diagnosis and consumption analysis, and also check operator efficiency and productivity.



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