Double Rack Ovens


Our full line of double rack ovens allows for numerous solutions to every client’s unique needs. With such a wide variety of options available, we can easily tailor the best possible baking solution by accommodating space requirements, production capacity, cost, and efficiency. In addition, all of our models can be ordered as electric, natural gas, or LP gas in order to provide the best option for clients all over the world.

Design refinement and high-quality materials provide the RotoAvant double rack oven with the highest levels of performance. The upward moving air system and wide channel sections guarantee a uniform bake for all kinds of products. Its thick double-pane/double-closure door and its large spherical steam generator also ensure only the highest-quality product. Most of the technological innovations developed for our rack ovens have introduced new project and construction models on the market.  RotoAvant represents the best of our developments and allowed us to build upon already superior production flexibility while offering first-class baking performance and maximum energy efficiency. Offered in four different versions, RotoAvant provides you with the utmost satisfaction of your specific needs. For those with multiple ovens, we have the ability to offer the Industry Pack for optimal large-scale performance

As the newest model line in the Polin family, the Roto 80100-FB double rack oven line has been designed as a solution for clients that prefer a zero-clearance rack oven solution. This front burner configuration is the newest oven in the Polin line and allows for zero clearance installation. While maintaining the design characteristics and technical standards of POLIN ovens, the Roto-FB rack ovens are particularly suited for the production of both bread and pastry products. The design of the combustion chamber provides an ample heat exchange surface area due to a large number of tubes and the unique shape of the flue-gas circuit.  This solution, along with the very thick stainless steel heat exchanger, allows the oven to obtain remarkable results. For the electric version, the heating element group of the oven is composed of finned heating elements which guarantee a very large radiating surface and very efficient heat exchange.  In addition, the steam generator, which extends over the entire internal length of the oven, ensures a robust supply of steam.

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  • Includes installation/training labor
Technical details
  • Flue Exhaust: 200mm
  • Steam Exhaust: 200mm
  • Number of Pans/Shelf: 2
  • Pan Capacity/Rack: up to 60



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