Developed through collaboration between all member companies of the POLIN Group, we are proud to offer industrial solutions of any size that exemplify the quality and reliability that have become synonymous with the POLIN line.

We supply all components from mixing, make-up, baking, and cooling, to packaging of cookies, biscuits, pastries, cakes, and many other applications.  Our goal is to become a partner, and more importantly a resource, to aid in the growth of our Clients.  No matter if you are worldwide market leaders or have achieved great success with artisanal POLIN equipment and decide to make the step forward from artisanal production to fully automatic industrial production, we are at your service to provide only the very best state-of-the-art solutions.


Polin designs, manufactures, installs and provides expert support for production plant equipment for sponge cake in any capacity. The automatic line includes a pre-mixer and turboemulsifier for batters and creams, a depositor with accessories for batter dosing with single or double colors, tunnel oven (cyclothermic, convection or hybrid), cooling conveyors, make-up conveyor with all required equipment (syrup dosers, cream depositors, longitudinal cutter, over-lappers, rolling devices and double vibrating blade guillotine), a final packaging conveyor, or a feeding conveyor leading to a chocolate enrober and decorator with cooling tunnel.


During the production of sponge cake, the raw materials are dosed into the Premixer. The obtained batter is pumped to a buffer tank followed by a Turbomixer. In this stage, air or nitrogen is injected into the batter before it is deposited onto the baking band.


The Premixer consists of a stainless steel tank with vertical mixing blades, with all cladding and safety protection also in stainless steel. It is provided with an automatic batter discharge system by means of a pneumatic valve and a variable speed stainless steel single-screw pump. This unit is placed on a mobile frame under the tank for easy cleaning and maintenance.


After the production cycle, the Premixer, Turboemulsifier, and the Batter depositor are cleaned and sanitized by means of a proper CIP (Clean in place) system consisting of a series of three tanks complete with piping and regulation fittings to carry out a programmed set of washing cycles. The Premixer can also be used for preparation of filling cream; in this option the mixing blades are horizontal and the machine is jacketed to keep the cream heated.

Premixer - Sponge Cake


The continuous Turboemulsifier is designed to emulsify batters by the addition of air or nitrogen to keep the specific weight constant and more suitable for the requested product. It is suited to emulsify creams, sponge cake, dough for muffins, madeleines, plum cake, and snack cakes. Depending on the model, injection of air or nitrogen can be regulated manually or automatically.


The Turboemulsifier comes complete with ability to circulate cooling water (either in the rotor or the static stator) and can be supplied with a built-in buffer tank.

Turbo Emulsifier


Roller depositor to feed the sponge cake sheet on the band of the oven, thickness is adjustable between 3 and 15 mm, depending on the product. It consists of a hopper (that receives the batter from the Turboemulsifier) and a variable speed stainless steel roller that deposits the product on the band. Thickness and width of the batter sheet is manually adjustable by a draw profile. Width of the batter sheet is variable from 600mm to 1.2 meters. Complete with independent stainless steel control panel.

Depositor - Sponge Cake

Make-up Conveyor

The cutting and forming conveyor is designed for the automatic continuous process of the sponge. This reduces any manual work and increases the production output. The mobile conveyor is fitted with all the accessories suitable to handle, cut, fill, bend, and form all types of dough. The structure is manufactured completely out of stainless steel and supported by robust castors for easy moving and is accompanied by fixed legs to grant a safe standing of the equipment during production. Every unit has been designed for easy cleaning, maintenance, and safe use of the Make-up conveyor during production.

Make up conveyor

Cyclothermic Oven

The Cyclothermic oven is a more flexible oven and suitable for many different products. It is an oven with recirculation of combustion gases. The combustion chamber, through tube bundles, transfer the hot air to four zones at independent temperatures for each installed burner, allowing a good temperature control of top and bottom of the baking chamber. The very flexible control of the temperature in the various heating zones along the oven grants uniformity of baking to products of any size and shape.

Ovens for soft biscuits

Direct Gas Fired Oven

The direct gas fired oven is heated by ribbon burners placed directly on top and bottom of the baking chamber and electronically controlled. It is most suitable for baking and achieving final moisture/color of rotary cut products (hard biscuits, cracker, snack). High temperature, extremely short bake times and flexible management of the temperature (adjustable in several points on the length of the oven) grant uniformity of baking to products of any shape and size).

POLING Direct Gas Fired Over