Developed through collaboration between all member companies of the POLIN Group, we are proud to offer industrial solutions of any size that exemplify the quality and reliability that have become synonymous with the POLIN line.

We supply all components from mixing, make-up, baking, and cooling, to packaging of cookies, biscuits, pastries, cakes, and many other applications.  Our goal is to become a partner, and more importantly a resource, to aid in the growth of our Clients.  No matter if you are worldwide market leaders or have achieved great success with artisanal POLIN equipment and decide to make the step forward from artisanal production to fully automatic industrial production, we are at your service to provide only the very best state-of-the-art solutions.


Polin designs, manufactures, installs and provides expert support for production plant equipment for soft biscuits in any capacity. The automatic line includes various mixers, dough feeding systems, a rotary moulder with ancillary equipment such as washing units and sugar and crumb sprinklers, tunnel oven (cyclothermic, convection or hybrid), cooling conveyors, and double chute or “penny stackers,” along with a final packaging conveyor.


Double Tool Planetary Mixer


Dual tool planetary mixer and with the capability to mix whipped products, sponge cake, extruded or deposited biscuits, soft biscuits, and tarts. Micro-glass-bead peened stainless steel structure with standard or jacketed bowls on casters. Tools manufactured out of stainless steel, with adjustable speed, stainless steel scraper support with Teflon blade. Electromechanical control panel or electronic touch screen panel which is suitable to archive up to 50 recipes, each with a max of 10 phases of mixing.

Double Tool Planetary Mixer

Horizontal Mixer


High-speed mixer to process a wide variety of dough. Provided with a jacketed stainless steel bowl with circulation of hot or cold water and a two speed motor for the mixing arm, complete with automatically controlled working cycle and automatic passage from low to high speed. Dough is discharged by rotating the tank. Provided with a full set of prevention and safety protection devices, while materials in contact with the dough are current in all international hygiene standards.

Horizontal Mixer - Soft Biscuits

Spiral Mixer


The spiral mixers either with one or two mixing tools, with removable bowl, are suitable for clients that, with a minor investment, are in any case looking for a proper batch. Provided with two speed motor for the mixing tools and possible reverse rotation of the bowl, is complete with automatically controlled working cycle with automatic passage from low to high speed. Provided with a full set of prevention and safety protection devices, while materials in contact with the dough are current in all international hygiene standards.

Spiral Mixer - Soft Biscuits

Dough Feeder

The dough feeder acts as a buffer bin for the dough batches it receives at intervals from the mixers and as a continuous feeder for the down-line processing machines, dosing the exact quantity of dough required for each specific product. Complete with electro-mechanic or hydraulic fork units to dump bowls of dough, dough bin with stainless steel coated walls and intermittent conveyor belt on the bottom to send dough to the guillotine, mechanical or pneumatic-powered guillotine to cut dough into the right-sized pieces, horizontal or inclined outlet conveyor to feed machines down-line and designed to carry a metal-detector to inspect dough. After the cutting unit, an independent driven dough crumbler can be installed, consisting of two shafts with blades rotating at different speeds. Provided with a full set of prevention and safety protection devices, while materials in contact with the dough are current in all international hygiene standards.

Dough Feeder Soft Biscuits

Rotary Moulder

The Rotary Moulder is suitable to produce a wide range of products and it is designed to meet any recipe. The large diameter pressure roller with inclined grooves allow for a perfect filling of the moulding roller, in any condition.


The moulding roller is of bronze or bronze with plastic dies for easy detachment of the product. It can be provided with three motors (for the independent drive and control of the forcing roller, the moulding roller and the rubber extraction roller).


The machine has a double control of the knife, angle against the moulding roller and height. A scraper grants the suitable cleaning up of the conveyor web. Scraps are collected by means of a crosswise motorized conveyor. The machine is fitted with a pneumatic control of tracking and tensioning of the web. Control by means of a touch screen operator panel for the control and the programming of the machine and its synchronization with the oven.

Rotary Moulder Soft Biscuits


The Washover attachment spreads a sugar/water or a sugar/egg/water emulsion over the biscuits either flat or embossed biscuits before baking, to obtain the characteristic golden color of the baked product.


Unit consists of three stainless steel rollers or two rollers and a brush with two variable speed motors to control the quantity of spread liquid and with the possibility to change the rotation direction of the roller or brush contact with the product. The first roller is partially dipped in the emulsion, the second roller is transferring the emulsion, the third roller, or brush, distributes the emulsion onto the product. The unit is fitted with a stainless steel tank for collecting the washover emulsion and with a plastic scraper for dosing the correct quantity of liquid on the first roll.

Washover Soft Biscuits

Sugar Sprinkler

Equipment with roller or distribution belt to sprinkle crystalline sugar onto the surface of biscuits or crackers. The stainless steel hopper containing the sugar is easily removable for cleaning.


The unit is normally fitted underneath a rack-type or belt collection system toward a recovery device (manual or automatic) to convey the excess sugar onto the hopper.

Sugar Sprinkler Soft Biscuits


The Cyclothermic oven is a more flexible oven and suitable for many different products. It is an oven with recirculation of combustion gases. The combustion chamber, through tube bundles, transfers the hot air to four zones at independent temperatures for each installed burner, allowing a good temperature control of top and bottom of the baking chamber. The very flexible control of the temperature in the various heating zones along the oven grants uniformity of baking to products of any size and shape. Another improvement of baking quality is achieved by adding a Convection oven section, with recirculation of hot air inside the baking chamber (turbulence). This configuration gives the possibility of more effectively handling the final humidity rate of the product and the even bake of the product. The final humidity rate guarantees an excellent “shelf life,” while the even bake gives a consistent product presentation. The Convection oven can bake biscuits and cookies stand alone, as well.

Ovens for crackers and hard biscuits


At the outlet of the oven, a take-off conveyor transfers the product from the wire-mesh or band of the oven towards the cooling conveyor. For an effective cooling, this conveyor can be up to two times the length of the oven. This component is necessary for a proper and lasting preservation of the packaged product. The conveyor belt can be made of wire-mesh or high resistance plastic with automatic tracking to avoid any side skidding.


Forced cooling is possible in order to reduce the length of the conveyor, and can be achieved either by hoods with centrifugal fans or by fans fitted in the final part of the conveyor.

Processing and Cooling Towers baking


The double chute stacker is complete with a sloped magnetic board with a cross adjustable guides, a feeding conveyor belt, and a star-type shaft for rotation of the product and its vertical placement. Independent variable speed drive of conveyor belt and star. First inclination of the equipment adjustable to meet with the height of previous conveyor. Adjustment of star-type shaft into 2 cross directions, to regulate its height and is position in regards of the feeding plate. Provided with a full set of prevention and safety protection devices, while materials in contact with the dough are current in all international hygiene standards.


As an alternative, a “penny stacker” system that stacks the product by means of 2 or 3 conveyors at different variable speed can be installed.

Stacker for Soft Biscuits