Tecnopool’s flexible technology brings you a conveying system, designed and developed in-house, that can be adapted to satisfy individual production requirements and fitted with bends, slopes or spirals specifically designed for each individual project.

Control and monitor belt speed depending on your production requirements, and create, on spirals, product infeed and discharge in any required position and at any height.


The stainless belt, with widths ranging from 200 to 1,300 mm, travels on self-lubricating, low-friction guides. The structure consists of profiles joined together by purpose plates and support frames, and the entire unit is manufactured in stainless steel. Purpose supports allow for installing sidewalls in non-toxic plastic or in stainless steel. The belt comes standard with stainless steel bars; however, in the event that particular food products require a different type of conveying surface, a food grade plastic or stainless steel mesh can be applied.


The latest generation belt runs on tracks, requiring practically no lubrication. The new stainless steel crossbar conveyor is made with special links whose main technical features are illustrated below.


Special self-lubricating plastic elements are inserted on the links. They are shaped underneath to form the shoe that allows the belt to slide on the rails, while the upper part is shaped to hold the product in place.


A unique feature of the drive system is its special plastic wheels that, in addition to minimizing noise and friction, have an exceptional engage/release system that makes maintenance and adjustments much simpler, allowing all such work to be performed extremely quickly. Depending on the application, the belt is supplied either with a stainless steel mesh or a plastic mesh, suitable for operating temperatures anywhere between +250°F and -40°F. Since it does not have the central structure that drum-type spirals typically have, the system allows air to flow freely, optimizing the various heat treatments. This particular feature also makes cleaning that much easier.