Full automation of your mixing, resting, and loading phases for complete dough processing control!

This system allows for fully-automatic linear movement of mixing bowls to the various stations of the mixing phase. Raw ingredients are automatically dosed in the loading station via silo and micro-ingredient systems. After ingredient loading, the system automatically transports the bowl with its ingredients either directly to the mixer, or transfers to any necessary pre-mixing resting phases. Once the mixing has finished, the system will transfer the bowl with mixed dough to a resting stage before the bowl is then transferred to a lifter/dumper, portioning hoppers, and downstream equipment. The operator has full control over the entire process including all program parameters of the mixer or mixers through the PLC Touch Screen. This includes resting times as well. The PLC also has the ability to store up to 99 different recipes. The entire system is encompassed by protective perimeter partitions and gates to eliminate the possibility of workplace injury.