Bowl-bottom dough evacuation for flexibility and efficiency when transferring to downstream processes!

Industrial mixing system featuring dough evacuation from the bottom of the bowl. Such a system offers highly automated processing and solves layout problems to provide production lines with more flexibility. The system can be configured in a variety of different ways, some of which are shown below (transfer from mixer to conveyors or bowl trolleys)

  • A. On the ground with one or more machines which discharge onto the conveyor belt, feeding the portioning hopper of the divider
  • B. On a platform with direct discharge of dough into the hopper of the divider underneath
  • C1. Direct discharge from a raised position into dough carriers which are then discharged into the hopper by a lifter
  • C2. Direct discharge from a raised position into a suitable number of dough carriers where the dough rises and is dumped into the hopper by the lifter


MIXer Pro V Avant Force V