Proofers and Retarders

Roll-in Rack Proofer

Our line of roll-in proofers are constructed using two inch thick stainless steel wall and ceiling panels that are foam injected along with the door to ensure that your energy dollars stay inside the box. All models are equipped with heavy-duty welded stainless steel door hinges, to prevent door sagging.


Our air-wash “Climatizer” system does not use immersion elements or a boiling pot, so there’s no need for float switches and no guess work when it comes to humidity levels.


The PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) Controls provide a gentle heat and humidity curve preventing over-shoot so you’re not pouring water down the drain. The control is mounted conveniently in the door at eye level and has large LED displays for time, temperature and humidity so your operators can keep track of every step of the proofing operation.


All of our proofers are available in single door, double door, and triple wide models in depths starting from 30″ all the way up to 120″ deep. All models assemble using a cam-lock design, minimizing installation time.

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Retarder Proofer

Built on the same solid platform as our roll-in proofers, these models also incorporate the PID computer controls but with the addition of a 24-hour timer that automatically takes your product from frozen to proofed, or anywhere in between. Add that labor saving feature to the lower cost to own and you save big.


We offer two performance packages, our standard models designed for “bake-off” or pre-mixed frozen products and our High Output (HO) models designed for large operations and for “Green Dough” or scratch mixed bakeries.


All retarder proofers, whether high output or standard, incorporate refrigeration systems designed and sized to provide just the right amount of cooling BTU’s to conserve energy without sacrificing performance.


Epoxy coated coils ensure that the evaporation system will not succumb to the harsh chemical environment associated with fermentation.

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Dough retarder/cooler for slowing the fermentation process to achieve optimum flavor of the dough. Available in many different sizes and models with different capacities and temperature ranges. In addition, some models are available with humidity control and temperature control.

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