Croissant & Puff Pastry Systems

530 Avant

Each machine is equipped with:


  • Painted steel structure and AISI 304 stainless steel carters
  • Moulding unit with moulding belts and feeding belt
  • Easily dismantled reclining exit belt and useful tool holder
  • No.1 stainless steel rolling pin
  • Optional belt to collect cut pieces
  • 530 mm max die width


Thanks to the new scroller handle, the 530 Avant computer can:


  • Select from 6 preset lengths for the triangle base
  • Customize the triangle base setting for desired length


It’s also possible to:


  • Select the moulder to adjust croissant moulding
  • Exclude guillotine
  • Select automatic production circle for croissants
  • Select automatic production circle for various shapes including rounds, squares, etc.
530 Avant Croissant 300 System