Pasta Sheeter Machines


The PNUOVA is a versatile machine that can automatically produce a thin, finely rolled pasta sheet. Turn to the PNUOVA for ravioli, tagliatelle, gnocchi in various shapes and extruded pasta. Best of all, this machine can knead and sheet pasta at the same time. Simple and practical, the PNUOVA can be fully disassembled for fast cleaning and maintenance. This unit is constructed of anodized aluminum and all parts that come in contact with pasta are made of stainless steel. PNUOVA meets all safety standards.

PNUVO Pasta Sheeter


CILINDRO 420 is a pasta sheeter with 420 mm rollers, perfect for pasta and pizza dough sheeting. Simply lay the sheet directly into the baking pan. CILINDRO 170 (with 170 mm rollers) and CILINDRO 340 (with 340 mm rollers) are also fast and practical pasta sheeters that can produce even very thin pasta. Our pasta sheeters are also available with a kneading vat. All machines are made of anodized aluminum, with stainless steel for all parts that come in contact with pasta. Each includes a safety button and switch light and meet all safety regulations.

CILINDRO Pasta Sheeters


NINA is a compact, all-in-one countertop machine. This user-friendly design produces pasta sheets of variable thickness and tagliatelle with two different widths: 2 and 6 mm. On request, NINA can be fitted with special cuts (1.5 – 4 – 8 – 24 mm) or with jagged-edge cuts (12 – 18 – 24 mm). NINA is available in both 170 and 250 models, so you can select the machine that produces the pasta width you need. NINA is a very versatile machine which can be combined with a whole range of accessories on request. Its external structure is made of anodized aluminum and the parts that come in contact with pasta are made of stainless steel. NINA includes a safety button and a switch light and meets all safety requirements.

NINA170 Pasta Sheeter