Combination Machines

P2 Pleasure

P2 Pleasure can be described as a complete workshop for pasta professionals, tailor-made for meeting all of your production needs. In its basic version, P2 Pleasure includes a single vat, automatic sheeter and ravioli unit. It can also be supplied with double vat, as well as with double vat with extruder, able to produce all sorts of short and long shapes of extruded pasta by simply changing the extruding die. The ravioli unit is equipped with interchangeable moulds and carries out the production of different shapes and dimensions of pre-cut ravioli.

Pasta Sheeters


PIDUE is an automatic pasta sheeter with a single or double kneading vat that produces pasta sheets with a width of 168 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. With the double-vat PIDUE, the upper vat includes an extruding head for producing any kind of pasta — all you have to do is replace the extruding die. Both bronze and PTFE dies are available, with bronze dies producing a rough pasta and PTFE dies giving you a smooth and more transparent pasta. PIDUE meets all safety standards and is made of anodized aluminum with stainless steel for all parts that come in contact with pasta.

PIDUE Pasta Combination sheeting