The Rotodrago 4676-FB has been designed to meet the need to combine high-quality production standards with limited space requirements. This front burner configuration is the newest oven in the Polin line and allows for zero clearance installation. While maintaining the design characteristics and technical standards of POLIN ovens, the Rotodrago 4676-FB rack ovens are particularly suited for the production of both bread and pastry products. The design of the combustion chamber provides an ample heat exchange surface area due to a large number of tubes and the unique shape of the flue-gas circuit.  This solution, along with the very thick stainless steel heat exchanger, allows the oven to obtain remarkable results. For the electric version, the heating element group of the oven is composed of finned heating elements which guarantee a very large radiating surface and very efficient heat exchange.  In addition, the steam generator, which extends over the entire internal length of the oven, ensures a robust supply of steam.

Technical Features

Pan Capacity: Up to 20 per rack

Heating Power (Gas): 180,000 BTU/hr

Heating Power (Electric): 39 kW

Dimensions: 1460 x 1390 x 2525 H mm

Weight: 1500 kg


Available Versions


The most basic version of the oven with an electromechanical keyboard. For maximum simplicity of operation without sacrificing performance.


This version allows you to manage up to 100 stored recipes and offers redundancy of oven controls via manual control or through the integrated software. Smart offers many more features as standard compared to other rack ovens, such as the dual baking air circulation ducts for higher airflow capacity and additional adjustability. The Multibake 100 program computer also allows for up to 12 baking phases within each baking program. This computer allows you to manage all the useful functions in order to simplify production: automatic start, energy saving stand-by, baking programs, and recipe storage.

Flex Energy

This version is designed for those who desire to determine production parameters for each type of product, in a simple and specific way; from pastry products to bread items. Flex Energy introduces important technological evolutions and unique features to which the features designed to make it ideal for flexible production have been added. The inverter technology makes it possible to change the speed and quantity of air in the chamber, to obtain the best baking quality for each product. Flex Energy also has a front USB port that makes it possible to backup programmed recipes and predisposition for connecting remote management via bakeAPP


HiControl is the top-tier version that includes a Polin Touch computer. All oven functions can be managed instantly thanks to this easy but integrated control panel, with a simple touch: automatic start, energy saving stand-by, baking programs and recipe storage. Polin Touch enables an easy and clear view of the controls, alarms and diagnostics. It facilitates the analysis of several production data, including monitoring oven efficiency and recording baking phases. HiControl is a high performance and flexible oven as the Flex Energy version, with the inverter technology, which allows you to change the speed and quantity of air in the chamber. Included predisposition for connecting remote management via bakeAPP.