The most technologically advanced electric deck oven of its kind, the Elettrodrago Avant provides flawless baking performance while achieving the utmost levels of power efficiency. The oven is equipped with a proprietary heating system that includes ceramic-insulated electric heating elements.This technology allows for extremely flat temperature profiles, automatic heat distribution for perfectly even product heating, and continuous heat in the deck. These factors allow the oven to guarantee that all kinds of products will be granted a perfect development and an ideal baking.

Technical Features

Voltage: 220V/60Hz/3Phase

Water Inlet: ⌀ = 1/2″

Water Drain: ⌀ = 1″

Steam Exhaust: ⌀ = 250mm


Available Control Panels

Single Program Digital Keyboard

  • Single program controller
  • Display showing set data
  • Temperature setting (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Independent control of the chamber and the mouth, ceiling, and soleplate
  • Baking timer with buzzer
  • Light on/off (also when the oven is not working for easy cleaning)
  • Power distributor: to share total power between ceiling and soleplate for endless baking choices
  • Power increasing device (optional) to double electrical power in case of needs for special products (e.g. pizza, focaccia, etc.)
  • Steam generator total control: lightning, temperature setting, steam generator block when under-temperature, steaming time setting
  • Standard steaming or by pulses
  • Decks first heating program
  • Thermal inertia control program
  • Daily -weekly automatic start
  • Self-diagnose program to display alarms and memorize functioning data, for a continuous control of oven’s efficiency


  1. Power level: it allows to supply a convenient level of power to the deck according to the type of product to bake
  2. Controlled warm-up program: it allows the correct warming up and heat storage in the deck for the first daily baking
  3. Interval program: it allows to reduce heat loss during baking intervals

100 Program Digital Keyboard

Includes all features of the single program computer plus the additional features below:

  • Ability to store up to 100 baking programs
  • Automatic opening/closing of the steam discharge automatic valve



  • Up to 3 phases
  • Total baking time
  • Steam quantity (in seconds of water) automatically distributed
  • Cycle of automatic opening/closing of the steam discharge automatic valve
  • Ceiling/soleplate power distribution
  • Energy level

Main Keyboard


  • Oven automatic start daily and weekly
  • Display of automatic start set time
  • Automatic data back-up in case of black-out


  • Installation of a smaller power source in the oven for greater savings
  • Deviation and use of excess power
  • Daily/weekly automatic start
  • Fault check-up


  • Management and control of the power consumed by the entire bakery
  • Better use of excess power also allows the use of the power that becomes available during operation pauses of other equipment within the bakery
  • Setting a lower oven power