An oven designed to obtain the maximum cooking surface in a small space. Steam generators are oversized to guarantee the availability of large amounts of steam which, thanks to special vent valves which limit the leakage from the mouth, is distributed in the decks in an optimized way.

Technical Features

Voltage: 220V/60Hz/3Phase

Water Inlet: ⌀ = 3/8″

Water Drain: ⌀ = 1″

Flue Exhaust: ⌀ = 200-250mm

Steam Exhaust: ⌀ = 200mm


Available Versions


The most basic version of the oven with an electromechanical keyboard. For maximum simplicity of operation without sacrificing performance.


It’s equipped with a comprehensive electromechanical control board, easy to use, with options to improve its performance and efficiency, such as the automatic start, the baking timer, and the steam timer. It’s equipped with low-emitting glass doors to reduce heat losses from the front. In addition, this version allows for maximum reliability as it includes reserve controls.


This version adds to the capabilities of the Classic by including the ability to manage and save recipes along with being able to control the oven directly via manual control. Smart offers intuitive management of every deck with specific controls and settings such as baking time and steam injection time. It is equipped with low-emitting glass doors to reduce heat losses from the front and also includes reserve controls.


HiControl is the top-tier version that includes a Polin Touch computer. All oven functions can be managed instantly thanks to this easy but integrated control panel, with a simple touch: automatic start, energy saving stand-by, baking programs and recipe storage. Polin Touch enables an easy and clear view of the controls, alarms and diagnostics. It facilitates the analysis of several production data, including monitoring oven efficiency and recording baking phases. Included predisposition for connecting remote management via bakeAPP.