Dual-tool wendel mixer for large volume production of a very wide variety of doughs. Painted steel exterior raised from the ground on 4 adjustable feet. Bowl and tools made of stainless steel with two independent 2-speed motors for tools and bowl. Closed bowl powder protection lid made of stainless steel with blue polyethylene rim. Movement is transmitted to tools by means of pulleys and V-belts with reduction gear in an oil bath. Movement is transmitted to the bowl by means of a coupling with elastic and tilting clutch wheel and belt speed reducer. Bowl carrying trolley on wheels. Release/connection of trolley and head lifting/descent by hydraulic cylinders commanded by a dedicated control unit. Electric panel located in a separate cabinet on the right side of the machine. Controlled by a touch screen of 10”. Scraper for vertical side of bowl.

Technical Features

Voltage: 220V-480V

Dough Capacity:  160-400 kg

Min. Hydration (water/flour): 45%