The ASR line provides a very effective solution for bakers that would like to eliminate manual dough discharge from their mixer to downstream processes. The integrated column lifter/dumper allows the dough to be mixed and immediately lifted/dumped to one of two points of discharge with the same machine. The client has the option to configure the machine to either dump to two tables, two dividers, a table and a divider, or other discharge points on either side of the machine. This allows the operator to achieve a significant gain in efficiency by completely eliminating manual discharge of the dough. Much like the rest of the ASM line, the ASR models also have a two-speed bowl and tool with two timers as well.

Technical Features

Voltage: 220V/60Hz/3Phase

Dough Capacity: 10-300 kg

Flour Capacity: 6-185 kg

Min. Hydration (water/flour): 50%