The industrial rotary moulder is suitable to produce a wide range of products at very high speeds. The large diameter grooved feeding roller grant a perfect filling of the moulding roller for exact weight accuracy and product appearance. The moulding roller is manufactured in bronze or bronze with PTFE inserts for easy release of the product. The machine is designed with three motors for the independent drive and control of the feeding roller, moulding roller, and the rubber extraction pressure roller for utmost flexibility and production range. The machine also has two adjustments for the knife; angle against the moulding roller and height to ensure the product releases properly without any dough streaking or excessive residual dough being lost. The machine is also fitted with a scraper to clean the conveyor and a scrap collection horizontal conveyor. The pneumatic conveyor belt tensioning and tracking system ensures maximum belt life and perfectly consistent product release and loading onto the oven band.


All machines are designed to be easily disassembled after production without the use of any manuals tools via proprietary pneumatic locking systems. This allows for easy changeover to new products and ensures each food-contact component of the machine can be thoroughly cleaned.