The RDT family of industrial cookie depositors are ideal for the production of wire-cut and smooth mix deposited biscuits and are mounted directly on a tunnel oven band for high capacity production. The units effortlessly and efficiently handle a variety of mixes for a wide range of products, including smooth mix and wire cut biscuits from fluid, whipped or stiff dough, and mixes that contain solid particles such as chocolate or nuts. These depositors are designed to be versatile and easily integrated into existing process lines or supplied as a component of our turn-key industrial lines complete with Polin tunnel ovens. These depositors allow for products to be deposited directly onto the oven band.


The depositing heads are comprised of a pair of servomotor driven rollers that feed the dough to the individual volumetric lobe pumps underneath for each outlet. This ensures highly accurate deposits across the entire working width. The lobe pumps, along with the die plates and nozzles are all interchangeable in order to produce different products. We have models specifically designed for single color dough processing, dual color dough, dough and a filling or topping, as well as two color dough and filling or topping.


All machines are designed to be easily disassembled after production without the use of any manuals tools via proprietary pneumatic locking systems. This allows for easy changeover to new products and ensures each food-contact component of the head can be thoroughly cleaned.