Spiral Proofing Conveyors


Since proofing is such a delicate process, it is imperative to dedicate plenty of effort to develop a proper spiral proofing solution. This part of the baking process requires perfectly calibrated plants that do not alter the properties of the food products in order to result in high-quality end products. These spiral proofing solutions must also be very flexible in order to meet the demands of potential clients. As such, our plants are designed for proofing products:

  • in pans
  • directly on the conveyor belt
  • on special supports (to be studied)

The quality and accuracy of the proofing system guarantee that during the process, the product does not stick on the bearing surface regardless of surface which means the final product shape will not be deformed.

All of these systems are developed on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the client’s specific production requirements. Every customer has specific needs and every requirement deserves an accurately customized solution. All of our spiral cooling conveyor solutions can be integrated with our tunnel ovens, spiral conveyor ovens, spiral cooling conveyors, spiral freezing conveyors, and our product handling conveyors for a fully automatic turn-key solution.


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Key Features
  • Minimal floor space usage (utilizes facility volume & height)
  • Anti-stick product contact surfaces
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise



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