Spiral Cooling Conveyors


The flexibility of our spiral cooling conveyor technology allows us to provide solutions for both ambient spiral cooling and forced-air refrigerated room spiral cooling; both solutions have distinctive features and specific advantages. In either case, the cooling conveyor systems are designed to be easily adapted to any production needs and to any type of food.

Our ambient spiral cooling conveyors are the simplest and most economical food cooling solution we offer as they are compatible with any type of food product and are easily installed. The versatility of the entire system allows users to make the most out of the available space without limiting production output.

As for forced-air refrigerated spiral cooling conveyors, we use a forced air circulation cooling system in a cabinet that allows you to control the purity of the air, via special filters, and the amount of moisture. The cabinets can be supplied with different levels of thermal insulation as well. Forced-air cooling is the ideal solution when one needs to quickly lower the temperature of a food product.

All of these systems are developed on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the client’s specific production requirements. Every customer has specific needs and every requirement deserves an accurately customized solution. All of our spiral cooling conveyor solutions can be integrated with our tunnel ovens, spiral conveyor ovens, spiral proofing conveyors, spiral freezing conveyors, and our product handling conveyors for a fully automatic turn-key solution.



Either spiral cooling conveyor solution (ambient or forced air) is suitable for just about any type of food product. This allows clients to process their entire product mix on the same system.


The design characteristics of the entire spiral cooling conveyor system allow for the optimization of facility space even in some of the smallest/most challenging layouts. This results in maximizing production rates within a smaller footprint.


All materials are supplied as food-grade with many components being easily disassembled and reassembled for easy cleaning. We can also fit our in-line belt cleaning and drying unit for automatic cleaning of the food contact surfaces.



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