Spiral Conveyor Ovens


An alternate solution to tunnel ovens, spiral conveyor ovens allow for maximum baking capacity even within small facilities. As such, the spiral conveyor oven system allows for the possibility to allocate less space to production. This type of oven takes advantage of building volume and height rather than floor area and length to achieve the required baking capacity.

As an added benefit, this solution can be adapted to any product and to any manufacturing process. Even more importantly, the design allows for simple, inexpensive, and quick maintenance to maximize uptime as well. Furthermore, the baking process can take place directly on the belt or on a pan depending on client requirements.

All of these systems are developed on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the client’s specific production requirements. Every customer has specific needs and every requirement deserves an accurately customized solution. All of our spiral cooling conveyor solutions can be integrated with our spiral cooling conveyors, spiral proofing conveyors, spiral freezing conveyors, and our product handling conveyors for a fully automatic turn-key solution.


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Key Features
  • Minimal floor space usage (utilizes facility volume & height)
  • Low utility consumption due to thermo-oil radiant heat system
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Multiple heating zones
  • Low noise


The proprietary design of the T-Worth belting combines wings and profiles made in self-lubricating plastic which allows us to minimize friction and ensures smooth operation of the conveyor. Our design results in the lowest operating noise of any other spiral conveying system.


Again, due to our unique design, the maintenance operations are very limited to the drive system type and location. The patented coupling system of the drive gears result in any maintenance operations being completed very rapidly.


The belt is entirely made in stainless steel and the patented design allows for easy access to every component of the spiral. This makes our solution suitable for even the most stringent of sanitation standards and programs.



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