Automatic, continuous operation tempering machine with melting via bain-marie and tempering via a refrigerant gas compressor. The bowl is equipped with an agitator that maintains the fluidity of the chocolate and ensures it remains homogeneous. All chocolate contact parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The T550 has a bowl capacity of 55kg and includes a removable auger for quick changeover to different types of chocolate. Highly precise temperature probes control all temperatures through a proprietary control system. The tempering machine is supplied complete with a heated vibrating table and a flow-stopping pedal for the dosing of the desired quantity of product. In addition to variable chocolate flow rate, the T550 machine includes an enrobing conveyor with dispenser, air knife, belt vibrator, belt scraper and tail cutting device.

Technical Features

Bowl Capacity: 55 kg

Hourly Output: 240 kg/h

Dimensions: 1020 x 1040 x 1660 H mm



Accessories Available

Partial Enrobing Conveyor

Decorating Conveyor

Mesh Filter

Vibrating Table

Mesh Filter Spout

Total Enrobing Dispenser (Bow-Shaped)

Total Enrobing Dispenser

Partial Enrobing Dispenser

Bottom Enrobing Dispenser

Zig-Zag Decorator

Wire-Mesh Lowering Device