Production Lines

We will provide you with:

  • roaster
  • cocoa breaker
  • pre-refiner 2 rolls
  • ball refiner
  • conche
  • moulding system
  • complete technology and know-how

Production Equipment

proBAKE supplies complete plants and single machines for the production of real chocolate, chocolate compound, and spread creams:

  • 220 Lb/h
  • 390 Lb/h
  • 660 Lb/h
  • 1320 Lb/h
  • 2200 Lb/h
Chocolate Production Equipment

These lines are composed of fat melters, pumps, technological pipes, powder feeders, mixers, ball mills and storage tanks.


Starting from cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fats, cocoa powder, milk powder, icing sugar and hazelnut paste, the final results are smooth, refined, fluid chocolates and creams.


Such lines can be per batch or continuous, standard or fully automatic with recipe computer control. Final fineness for given productivities is 20-23 microns.


The technology used is the low-speed ball mill refining technology. This technology is especially suited for chocolate production, with a delicate treatment of the ingredients and extremely positive results on the final product. In this way the iron added to the chocolate due to wear is under 4 ppm., which is almost nothing compared to other technologies (which can reach 200 ppm. of iron). That means longer shelf life of the product and of the machines.


The iron content is a very important value to consider in the evaluation of a refining machine: it is proportional to toxic substances contained in the steel (like Chrome and Nickel), but is also a catalyst of the oxidation of the fats: the higher the presence inside fat products (like chocolate or compound), the higher the possibility of oxidation of the product.


Finally, a low iron content inside the final product also means a longer life for the refining medium of the machines: balls, cylinder and stirrers.