Silos made of High Tenacity Trevira fabric are watertight and suitable for the storage of food powder products. The top portion of the silo sack acts as a filter, and the modular supporting structure is composed of galvanized steel and allows for quick assembly and disassembly. All silos are custom-made to best fit into the space available at the customer’s premises, and are assembled on site. The High Tenacity Trevira fabric guarantees optimum oxygenation and a free flow of the stored flour. Generally, our fabric silos offer a much more economical alternative to stainless steel silos in terms of overall cost of the system, ongoing maintenance, as well as installation cost. In addition, fabric silos are anti-microbial for the highest levels of bacteria resistance unlike their stainless steel counterparts. Return on investment is usually much shorter with fabric silos.


Key Features:

  • Maintains the FIFO principle
  • Natural oxygenation of stored ingredient
  • Anti-microbial material with seamless interior
  • Special emptying methods for sugar, starch, bran, etc…
  • Also available for couscous, short pasta, etc…
  • Weighing system with load cells