Liquid Storage and Metering Systems

Oil and Fat Melting and Metering

This system includes a heated and insulated tank, inside which a vertical agitator with fixed and adjustable blades are rotated by a reduction gear. As the products are mainly blocks of fat, the system also features cutting equipment to trim the blocks into smaller pieces for faster, more homogeneous melting. The cutting equipment includes a feeding belt conveyor and a piston positioned inside a casing over the tank, which pushes the block of fat onto a cutting grid. The whole system is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Various heating methods are employed, depending on the processing temperature.


This system can also be fitted with a pump, a mass flow meter and pipes to convey the product to the processing point.

CEPI Ingredient Systems - Liquid Storage and Dosing

Heated Tanks

High-capacity tanks — 10 to 40 cu.m — made of AISI 304 stainless steel, suitable for the storage of vegetable fats and crystallisable liquids (glucose, fructose, etc.) and supplied with tanker trucks. A heat storage unit at the bottom of the tank transfers heat to the stored products, using the bain-marie principle. With rapid heat-transfer, fluid passes in the heat exchangers. It’s possible to obtain special solutions, taking into account the organoleptic properties of products such as glucose, sucrose, etc. The tanks come standard with loading pipes, product inlet/outlet valves and heating water valves. A high-density polyethylene foam insulation and outer stainless steel plate coating can be provided. A four-load cell weighing system and quantity setting and monitoring system (microprocessor control unit, PC connection, etc.) can also be supplied as an option.

CEPI Ingredient Systems - Liquid Storage and Dosing

Refrigerated Tanks

This system includes an inner tank and an outer envelope, both made of AISI 304 stainless steel and insulated with polyurethane injected between the tank and the envelope. The system is cooled by an external refrigerating unit. The tank can be supplied with a four-load cell weighing system and microprocessor control unit to set and control the amounts to be extracted. For brine, water saturated or nearly saturated with salt, a similar tank made of AISI 316 stainless steel is provided. In this case, refrigeration is ensured by a cooling coil inside the tank.

CEPI Ingredient Systems - Liquid Storage and Dosing

Standard Liquid Micro-dosing Units

With a capacity from 10 to 50 L and made of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, these tanks come complete with solenoid valves, pumps and transfer pipes. They are suitable for flavorings, flavored syrups, milk and dairy products, juice and pulp concentrates and more.
 These systems can also be fitted with flow meters for dosing or weighing plates to control the quantity once it has been poured into a specific container.

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Water Mixing and Metering

The dosing and mixing unit allows the user to meter the water to be used and mix the water at the inlet to obtain the set amount, at the desired temperature. Water mixing is performed through a manually controlled thermostatic mixer, or by a pulsed system. The temperature of the water to be taken is constantly displayed, enabling the user to adjust the mixer to its ideal setting. The standard supply includes a timed bypass valve for pre-discharge, which can be overridden from the keyboard, and a needle probe to measure and display the temperature of flour or dough.